PKF Demei and Shanghai Non-Government Education Development Foundation become a cooperator

On September 26th, PKF Legal Shanghai Demei Law Firm, the legal consulting department of PKF China and Shanghai Non-Government Education Development Foundation officially signed the agreement Memorandum Of Cooperation. According to the agreement, we will provide a full range of legal consulting services for relevant private educational institutions and educators, including legal services in the fields of labor and personnel, tort liability, contract management, institutional governance and intellectual property protection.

This information has been published and reproduced by the Xinmin Evening News media, one of the largest media in China.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, there were nearly 240 litigation cases involving private educational institutions in Shanghai, mainly including the infringement liability disputes between the parents and the school due to the injury accidents of the children, secondly, the welfare of the teachers among the private schools, and thirdly, legal disputes of labor disputes, contract disputes among relevant partners and private educational institutions. These legal disputes not only consume a lot of social resources, but also affect the educational environment as well as the quality of private educational institutions, and at the same time disturbing the rule of law in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Non-Government Education Development Foundation is a non-public fund launched by several non-profit private schools, such as Shanghai Shanda University, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Shanghai Donghai Vocational and Technology College, Shanghai Jiguang Polytechnic College, Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Polytechnic, Hejia Education Alliance and Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School, with the permission of the Shanghai Xuhui District government.

The foundation is the first foundation jointly sponsored by non-government schools in China to support the development of public welfare non-government education, which has long been committed to making full use of social resources to fund the reform and development of private education in Shanghai. The foundation is devoted to promoting the development of private education with the overall development of economic, social and public education. The foundation is also committed to playing to the advantages of private education systems and mechanisms, meeting the diversified and multi-level educational needs of the public, and striving to promote the development of education in Shanghai.

To strongly support the development of private education in Shanghai, a number of professional lawyers of PKF Legal Shanghai Demei Law Firm will be assigned to form a team to provide a full range of legal advisory services to educational institutions and individuals designated by the Shanghai Private Education Development Foundation. We try to make a great contribution to the development of private education in Shanghai in that way.

This cooperation will provide certain legal protection for the non-governmental educational institutions in Shanghai to conduct school management, compliance, development and protect the legitimate rights and interests of teachers and students in private schools.